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Welcome to the XTRAX ID - The International Directory of Outdoor Arts and Circus

The XTRAX ID is a listing of over 1000 UK and international street artists, shows, promoters, outdoor arts festivals and events.

Creating a profile is completely free and allows users access to all areas of the directory as well as useful tools to help organise your findings. The XTRAX ID is here to facilitate working relationships, helping artists to promote their shows and organisers to programme their events.

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Why use the Directory?

Artist profiles: 772
Arts Professionals: 383
Shows: 644
Events: 44
How to use XTRAX ID
  • Promoters can use the ID to help generate programme ideas
  • Artists can use the ID to find potential bookers
  • Everyone can use the ID to extend their network of contacts and promote their work internationally

XTRAX ID can help you to
  • Increase your profile in the UK and internationally
  • Build your professional network
  • Bookmark your favourite pages using our new online tools (NEW)
  • View entries in French and Spanish

Bienvenue sur XTRAX ID – L’annuaire international des arts de la rue et du cirque

XTRAX ID est un annuaire qui recense plus de 1000 artistes de rue, spectacles, programmateurs, festivals et évènements des arts de la rue britanniques et internationaux.

Créez facilement et gratuitement un profil sur XTRAX ID et accédez à tous les services de l’annuaire ainsi que des outils pratiques pour aider à organiser vos recherches.
Pourquoi utiliser le Répertoire?

Artist profiles: 772
Arts Professionals: 383
Shows: 644
Events: 44
Comment ca marche?
  • Si vous êtes un programmateur, vous pouvez utiliser l'ID pour trouver des idées de programmation
  • Si vous êtes un artiste/une compagnie, vous pouvez utiliser l'ID pour trouver des contacts de programmateurs et de festivals
  • Tout le monde peut utiliser l'ID pour étendre ses réseaux et promouvoir ses projets a l’international
XTRAX ID peut vous aider a:
  • Accroitre votre visibilité et votre profil au Royaume-Uni et à l'étranger
  • Construire votre réseau professionnel
  • Enregistrer vos pages préférées dans vos favoris (NOUVEAU)
  • Accéder aux profils en anglais, français et en espagnol


Bienvenido a XTRAX ID - El directorio Internacional de las Artes de Calle y del Circo

XTRAX ID es un listado de mas de 1000 artistas y compañías de calle, espectáculos, promotores, festivales y eventos al aire libre.

Crear tu perfil es completamente gratuito y te permitirá acceder a todas las áreas del directorio así como a útiles herramientas que te ayudaran a organizar y optimizar tu búsqueda.
¿Por qué utilizar el Directorio?

Artist profiles: 772
Arts Professionals: 383
Shows: 644
Events: 44
Como usar XTRAX ID
  • Los promotores pueden usar XTRAX ID como apoyo a generar ideas para su programación
  • Los artistas pueden usar XTRAX ID para encontrar potenciales promotores
  • Cualquier persona puede usar XTRAX ID para ampliar su red de contactos y promocionar su trabajo internacionalmente
XTRAX ID puede ayudarte en:
  • Mejorar y hacer mas visible tu perfil en UK e internacionalmente
  • Construir nuevas redes de trabajo
  • Añadir a marcadores tus paginas favoritas usando nuestra nueva herramienta online (NUEVO)
  • Ver los perfiles en Ingles, Frances y Español


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Spotlight on UK Street Arts

Cirque Bijou are one of Europe's most creative and diverse event and performance production companies, producing shows, festival programmes and events for clients throughout the world.

We create theatrical installations that rediscover the simple enjoyment of classic kids’ games as a collective experience for all ages, bringing passers by together in the spirit of healthy competition ...

Outdoor theatre done in a traditional medieval way; we incorporate our unique mix of mummers style theatre with original music.

Award-winning artist and British Composer of the Year, Ray Lee is an artist who makes music that moves.

Recently updated

Axial Dance is a Manchester based company specialising in outdoor , sited and site-specific dance work.

A driftwood boat has set sail across troublesome seas and is in search of a safe place to dock. The precious cargo of fragile puppets made from discarded objects ...

“The Secret Life of Mia” uses promenade, site-specific theatre, silent disco technology and movement to take the audience on an immersive and intimate journey into the secret world of women ...

Theatre company dedicated to revealing and exploring hidden aspects of the world with a strong emphasis on the feminine.

We have recently invested in some improvements to the XTRAX ID; We hope you will enjoy these new features and we welcome your feedback. XTRAX gratefully acknowledges the support of Arts Council England in creating and developing this directory.

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