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Bootworks Theatre is James Baker, Robert Daniels, and Andy Roberts. We make a wide range of work including devised performance, outdoor arts, live art, publications, and collaborative projects for young people. We have been making work in various guises together since 1999, and as a registered community interest company since 2009.  We deliver between four and five creative projects per year, accessing varying audiences and sectors. Our artistic direction is based on a mixed set of individual interests and specialisms, which means our work is quite varied and diverse in its style, form and theme. We enjoy making work that embraces interaction, participation and audience engagement. Many of our projects are research-led, embrace popular culture and media, and explore radical ways to engage and make shared theatrical experiences. As a collective, we have three award nominations and one win for innovation and experimentation, from Total Theatre. Bootworks are funded by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts. Our work is also profiled with House, Without Walls, The British Council, and Creatives Across Sussex.

We have a range of products and services for the outdoor arts circuit.

The 2 main projects we work with in this context are:

The JukeBoxes: A new street theatre installation/performance available for touring.

The Black Box: We have 1 show for this structure currently available for touring.

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