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Humanhood is a bold and thoughtful company based in Birmingham (UK) and Barcelona (Spain) creating highly physical, intricate and dynamic works taking reference from Physics & Eastern philosophy.

Humanhood creates unique worlds of striking aesthetic and intricate movement patterns. Company founders and performers Rudi Cole and Julia Robert have been exploring and have developed a sensibility for synchronicity and interconnectivity which are at the core of their work.

The Company collaborates with an international team of artists, including sound and costume designers, fusing each original element of the production from the first stages, at its highest quality. Our pieces offer a rich sonic experience that is developed carefully and thoughtfully with the choreography. We also work in partnership with Birmingham University Physics and Astrophysics Department, Prof. William Chaplin, to explore the dialogue between science and art.

Rudi and Julia have developed HumanhoodPractice, the movement application and teaching methodology of the company. Sessions are between 3h and 5h long and are delivered to professional and amateur dancers. HumanhoodPractice is experienced together with a unique sound journey created in collaboration with Humanhood's team of music collaborators.

Humanhood first full-length production ‘ZERO’ premiered in October 2016 at mac Birmingham has won 1st Prize and Young Jury Prize at Madrid´s Choreography Competition 2016.

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