Noisy Toys

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Noisy Toys- experimenting with sound: Nose Test, Bass in your Face (show), Acousatron (interactive installation), Audio Assault Buggy (walkabout).

Noisy Toys is all about experimenting with sound. Bleep-Buzz-Fart-Fuzz-Boing-Bang-Tinkle-Donk-Skuzzle-Bonk-Woka-Waka-BOOOOOM! We make amazing instruments and we let you play on them. Spin this, scratch that, pluck things, pull levers, flick switches, press buttons. Electromagnetism & Electroacoustic improvisation. Connect wires, make things, break things, re-use them, hack them, scrap them if they're not noisy enough. Welcome to Audio Anarchy: raw analogue circuitry & acoustic exploration - none of that digital nonsense. Electromechacousitcal music: the next big thing, honest.