* Dizzy O Dare

Languages: English Français Español

Dizzy O Dare produces a variety of work of narrative circus, theatre and roaming street shows that have charmed and delighted audiences accross the globe.

Shows: The Tiny Travelling Tightwire Show! | Cabinet of Curiosities | The Last Apothecary | From the Inky Deep | Slearys Victorian Circus | The Wonderful World of Mr E | Body of Wires | The Giant Balloon Show | Rise (indoor) | Baba Yagas House | Phileas Fogg: Day 79 | The Dodo Rider

11:18 Theatre Company

11:18 is a theatre and performance company formed in London in 2011. We currently specialise in a unique style of audio and installation based performance for real train journeys, encouraging people to pay attention to what they see out the window with fresh eyes. Company members come from diverse artistic and ethnic backgrounds, including Thailand, Chile and Iceland, as well as the UK


15ft6 is a Belgian based circus collective specialised in russian bar, tweeter board and Chinese pole.

Shows: Dynamite & Poetry

17 Hippies

17 Hippies, Berlin's glorious answer to Taraf de Haidouks Let's get things straight from the start - there are 13 of them and only three or four have allowed their hair to descend below the collar. But what 17 Hippies lack in mathematical skills and hairstyles, they more than make up with their joyous transcontinental sound. Armed with myriad instruments to be plucked and blown, they inhabit the point where The ...


1 WATT is a burlesque, absurd, surrealist company that is sometimes all of these at once, or none of these at all.

Shows: Perfect WOrking Order | Be Claude | NICE WORK | FREE WATT

2Faced Dance Company

2Faced Dance Company - creating distinctive, athletic and accessible work suitable for all ages since 1999. Over 75 UK & international outdoor bookings in the last 5 years.

Shows: Two Old Men | Moon

A Fettle of Kitsch

With playful interaction and cheeky humour, we aim to deliver quality street theatre with skill, passion and joie de vivre.

A Mechanical Magician

As A Mechanical Magician. I B Mime and perform close up magic. I do 15 minute street shows at festivals, or I can do walk a-bouts for an hour at a time All time doing close-up magic as a robot. At a big street festival I could do as many as 25 shows, just Magic and Mime, 3 to 4 shows ...


ART is not only to entertain. Art is to provoke, to move, to make people reACT. Art can act.

Abbozzo Arts

Abbozzo arts is an emerging north-west Street theatre and circus company. Working in the small to medium scale range.

Abigail Collins

Hula-hooping clown, acrobatic social provocateur and comedy envelope pusher who smashes the barrier between artist and public.


aboutNOWish create sensory led, low capacity, interactive performance experiences for for young children and their families.


Languages: English Français Español

Blending acrobatics, hand-built structures and sublime visuals, Acrojou create unique contemporary circus experiences for events worldwide. Performance crafted from circus, story and soul.

Shows: The Wheel House | Frantic | All at Sea

Actfunny - William Wilding

Comedy Acts and Caricaturist... Small scale Comedy Shows and Street Arts

ACTUA Produccions

Languages: English Français Español

Our Street Theater Company ACTUA Produccions was established in 2003 in Barcelona (Catalonia). Our shows and walk acts are addressed to all kind of public and events.

Adam Riley

A creator and designer of outdoor events and entertainment from large scale installations to smaller street props.


A catalan by adoption, but really a mixture of various nationalities who formation took place all over Europe. Schvarzstein spends his life avidly accumulating experiences.


Africa Entsha deliver a Cappella with attitude. Hailing from South Africa they offer songs in English and their native Zulu (‘entsha’ means new in Zulu) with an energy and optimism that is entertaining and infectious.

Shows: South African Voices


Three artists are from the high-plateaux region, the birthplace of the traditions of stilt-men who walk on stilts from their childhood.

Shows: The Togolese Stilt-Men