(Fake) Acounter With a True Stranger

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Welcome to the Safe Dating Agency. Discover without waiting any longer a new way to meet people. We offer you the opportunity to get to know each other for fake, with someone real. Follow the advice of our agents and get yourself engulfed in a phone conversation between fiction and reality. Something you always wanted to say for real but never dared to ? Tell it now as fake! Artistic director : Gabriella Cserhati

Artist: GK Collective

(Hints to) Lady Travellers

Intrepid Victorians abseil, strip and dip Two Victorian lady travellers, Freya Stark (1893 - 1993) and Isabella Bird (1831 - 1904), are marooned on the roof of a building.  They meet across time and space and journey together toward the sea.  Guided by Lillias Campbell Davidson’s 19th Century guidebook, Hints to Lady Travellers (the first written by a woman, for women), they negotiate the precarious abseil down the front of the building ...

Artist: Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence


Faced with life on a deserted island, three characters uncover a means of escape back to civilisation. As the narrative unfolds, the characters find pieces of a vehicle that will take them off the island. They work to build a craft, only to find it will carry just one of them. (i)land centres on a 6 ton pile of sand representing the land the characters find themselves in, and this ...

Artist: Marc Brew Company


(remor) is an intimate ‘locked room’ mystery lasting 11 minutes, for just 15 people at a time. Share a prison cell with a couple, trying to piece together the mysterious death of their relationship. After premiering in Mallorca in 2011, the show won a Total Theatre Award for Best Physical & Visual Theatre at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe.Res de Res are known around the world for their pioneering approach: integrating ...

Artist: Res de res & Artigues


Languages: English Français Español

We get immerse in a, quite peculiar, girl's world. Throw her reading, she bring as in the different chapters of a story full of memories, discoveries, reflections, dreams,... Throw situations and objects that she finds in her path she discovers her self and shares her stories with us. A chair, a table, a pillow, a book, make sense with her and accompany her in her way. She will make us ...

Artist: Shakti Olaizola


Languages: English Français

Every stormy evening, an old man, exiled for a long time, approaches the sea side. When the wind caresses his skin, he returns into his indelible memories. A daydream of sweet nostalgia, not to ever forget, and continue to live whatever it takes. Around an endless cable, four moving bodies, in balance, like the coming and going waves of past time. ...Sodade... is an ode to life, a fable in ...

Artist: Cirque Rouages


13 is an interactive circus installation for live music events. Previewing at Wilderness festival in 2015, the show breaks the barrier between circus performer and audience with most acts happening just inches over the audiences heads. Zipline characters float above party goers and jaw dropping acts perform high on our custom performance structure. The show has since been scaled down for smaller events and recently was featured at the Goodwood ...

Artist: Gorilla Circus


Languages: English Español

2062 is a multidisciplinary show nurtured by scenic, multimedia, comic, illustration and animation techniques, as well as shadow and object theatre to create a scenic and cinematographic live show. Regarding the content, we continue talking about social issues, where the present is the authentic protagonist. Borders, walls, new migrations, the latest geopolitical and economic changes are the ingredients to construct a dystopic world in order to talk about nowadays society. https://vimeo.com/123110230 | ...

Artist: Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez

2062 - scenic interactive installation

Languages: English Español

SHORT  An interactive installation, designed to be visited by 12 people simultaneously. Its duration is approximately 10 minutes and it can stay operational the time determined by the festival. Around 72 spectators per hour can enter the installation The installation behaves differently every time. Everything depends on what the viewer does. The work can be visited several times, each time new elements can be discovered. The spectator enters when another spectator leaves the ...

Artist: Karla Kracht & Andrés Beladiez


25 different acts in 25 minutes, each lasting exactly one minute. Juggling, clowning, magic, puppets, fire and much, much more. Each act either crammed into or stretched out to one minute. A clock with just a second hand indicates the time elapsed and when the hand comes round to 12, the audience shout "next!" and the next act starts. Fast and furious fun for all the family. No two shows ...

Artist: What A Palaver!!


Periplum join forces with 101 Corn Exchange Newburys outdoor arts creation centre to produce this ambitious new work. Periplum produce ground-breaking site-responsive and outdoor theatre, making story-led, content-driven work bringing the intimacy of human drama into shows of a spectacular scale. In collaboration with composers, designers, engineers and pyrotechnicians, Periplum deliver highly visual, socially significant and emotionally explosive work for all the senses. Corn Exchange Newbury presents a major international outdoor ...

Artist: Periplum

75 +

Languages: English Français Español

They are over 75 years old They’ve stepped out of the old folks home for a stroll Four suprising, fun and fragile characters which will help us discovery, through their eyes and actions, the dificulties elderly people face on a daily basis. An itinerant street show which interacts with the public and which sheds some light over the accisibility problems in our cities and the frenetic rhythm of our society

Artist: Fadunito

8 Songs

A series of choreographed juggling vignettes set to 8 classic rock and roll songs. A tribute to the mythical landscape of popular music. From Dylans stream of consciousness realms to the Velvet Undergrounds troubling landscapes, from David Bowie’s soulful escapades to the rocking Rolling Stones anthemic joy de vivre.

Artist: Gandini Juggling

A Few Feet Up

A Few Feet Up is an interactive performance piece that invites audiences to enjoy a different view of their location. A Few Feet Up allows audiences to step outside the ordinary view and take in the historical architecture and developing townscape that surrounds the viewer.

Artist: Same Difference

A house is not a home

Languages: English Español

A House Is Not A Home is an adaptation of "Interior", by Maurice Maeterlinck, designed to be played on a non-theatrical space. The plot is simple: two persons observe from the yard the interior of a house; they have to share some bad news to the residents. But the image of apparent happiness on the interior will make it hard to achieve this goal. A House Is Not A Home is ...

Artist: Companyia Ignífuga

A Short History of the Fork

A talk based on the (unpublished) book of the same name “A Short History of the Fork” written by Sir George Reresby Sitwell - 4th Baronet of Renishaw. Inventor of the acclaimed “Travel Egg”, George Sitwell’s other titles include the highly successful "On the Making of Gardens", which appeared in 1909. He also wrote "Wool-Gathering in Medieval Times" and, "Lepers' Squints". "Domestic Manners in Sheffield in the Year 1250" and the unforgettable "Acorns as ...

Artist: Eric MacLennan

A Voyage Around My Bedroom

An outdoor (and indoor!) art installation/performance entitled - A Voyage Around My Bedroom - by Eric MacLennan inspired by the philosophical writings of Xavier de Maistre, which offer a way of looking at the world differently, so that the everyday and the mundane appear extraordinary and new.

Artist: Eric MacLennan

A Weasel in love

Love is lost and found in this muppet fiasco as our protagonist seeks a new furry friend. With music from Pascale Comelade’s Toy Orchestra. This show runs on the hour and half past the hour throughout the times below – no shows at 3pm or 3.30pm on Sunday. Please note that unfortunately this show is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Artist: Little Fawn Caravan


Languages: English Français Español

Community Project. « The barriers of the public space are more limiting in the social participation than the own functional limitations of each individual. » Social-Artistic and ludic Urban intervetion Project about the accessibility of the public space.

Artist: Fadunito

Act of Strangers

Commissioned by Articulture and the Wales Outdoor Arts Commissioning Consortium, \'Act of Strangers\' is a new outdoor dance theatre production touring Summer 2016. Expect cheekiness, daring lifts and a dash of comedy as the duo explore the wonderful potential of the stranger standing next to you. The work is touring throughout Summer 2016 including performances at Festival Number 6, Blysh Festival and Greenwich & Docklands International Festival. In a world where ...

Artist: Chloe Loftus Dance

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