Paradiso - Mans Enduring Search for Perfection

Artist: Akademi South Asian Dance UK

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Produced by Akademi, Paradiso: Man’s Enduring Search for Perfection is a new 40-minute cross arts commission inspired by the final part of Dante’s Divine Comedy and the astrological influences of the Navagrahas (nine planets) of Hindu mythology.

Dante, led by his beloved Beatrice through the planetary spheres to Heaven, is confronted en-route by the diverse spiritual inhabitants of the celestial world of the afterlife. They disorientate him at the same time as offering wisdom. It is a not an easy journey.

A research and development period took place in March 2016 to explore how our original vision of an extended, multi-part, piece could be presented as a singular work. A preview of the work-in-progress was held at the British Library, summer 2016.

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