Artist: The Body Snatchers Theatre / Teatr Porywacze Ciał

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The main characters of the show are employees of various banks, who instead of having a smoke and talking about interest rates during their brake, get together on an agreed spot in order to go crazy on their scooters. All they need is to change the suits into patches, helmets and denim jackets, with their gang’s name on the back and that’s it! The rest is pure madness: performed to the fat bits, the most crazy and never before presented tricks of a bank man on a scooter, in other words - rebellion, sweet & theatre. No control. But all of this in a rush, since the brake will finally end and they will have to go back to granting credits, and so on and so forth, that’s why each second is so very precious… The performance is presented in daylight, on almost every possible square, where one can ride a scooter, for audiences of all age. It lasts as much as three brakes all together, meaning 45 minutes…

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