The Draaagon

Artist: Teatro dei Venti

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A Dragon, a small town at the mercy of his power, victims, accomplices and a stranger knight who tries to defeat him. But as fairy tales teach: \"for every Dragon there is a knight who is going to kill him\". Will Lancelot defeat the dragon or will the people rise against? Even this time \"everybody lived happily ever after\" or something worse is waiting outside the gates of the city? The classic battle between the Knight and the Dragon is the base for a show that amazes children and makes adults dream. The show is freely based on The Dragon by Evgenij Schwartz. At the same time fairy and hellish atmosphere of the original piece come alive through the street theatre techniques such are: stilts, torches, 7 giant masks, fire-breathing, smoke machines, a five meters tall dragon, horses, and other mobile sets.

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