ATWT Aurillac 13 (C) Christophe Raynaud De Lage

As The World Tipped by Wired Aerial Theatre at Aurillac 2015 (c) Christophe Raynaud De Lage

Festival d’Aurillac, France


In August 2015, the XTRAX Team attended the Festival d’Aurillac, France’s largest programme of outdoor street arts, featuring 650+ companies and attracting over 500 industry professionals from all over Europe annually.



As Producers of Wired Aerial Theatre, XTRAX’s role was partly to support the promotion and successful delivery of their shows As The World Tipped  (IN programme) and Straw Dog 
(OFF programme), partly to  build strategic relationships with a range of promoters from France and beyond.

The Festival d’Aurillac provided a useful opportunity for the XTRAX Team to develop and nurture relationships with colleagues from Europe as well as make new contacts with industry professionals from Belgium, Canada, France, Netherlands and Sweden.