ISAN Ideas Summit 2011

Wednesday 16 November 2011
Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow

In 2011, XTRAX worked once again with the Independant Street Arts Network (ISAN) to support the 8th Ideas Summit, held as part of the 5th Biennial ISAN Conference.

The Ideas Summit aims to help artists raise the profile of new projects in development and to help find potential partners who can assist the development of a new idea.

33 artists and companies were selected to present outdoor projects in development to UK programmers and promoters.

To learn more about these projects, please download the Ideas Summit Booklet here.  Please note: this booklet also includes proposals from artists who applied but were not selected. 


Selected Projects:

Artizani & Abbozzo
Bash Street Theatre
Bread and Butter Theatre Company
Breaking Cycles
Bright Night International
Bureau Of Silly Ideas
C-12 Dance Theatre
City Arts Nottingham and Kinetika
Dizzy O’Dare Presents
Dudendance Theatre
Fittings Multimedia Arts
Green Ginger
Helen Clyro
Instant Dissidence

Jane Pitt
Lucid Productions
Mischief La-Bas
Molly Orange & Circus Diaspora
Nofit State Circus
Pif-Paf Theatre
Ray Lee Company
tangled feet
The Hurly Burly & Circus Kinetica
The Other Way Works
The World Famous
Walk the Plank
Wet Picnic

Alana Jones, Dizzy O’Dare Presents…

It is an extremely full two days which is absolutely amazing! It’s very focused with clear aims. Thank you!

Linda Lewis, Director, Puppet Centre Trust

I was really impressed with the great respect XTRAX has for the artists and how they really consider their needs and technical requirements