Seminars for UK street artists on International Touring


Following on from the success of our seminar ‘How To Sell Your Work In Europe’ earlier on in April this year, XTRAX organised an additional seminar in November to meet the demand of those wishing to learn more about touring their work beyond the UK. Returning guests Mike Ribalta (Fira Tarrega) and Yohann Floch (Hors Les Murs/Circostrada Network) were joined by Jo Valentine (Motionhouse) to talk through the best ways of approaching the international touring circuit; contacting promoters, building relationships, writing promotional dossiers, as well as providing practical tips and an overall context of outdoor festivals in Europe. The presentations that were made are available as a download below.

Download PDF presentations here:

Yohann Floch – Focus on the French  & European Market

Mike Ribalta – Focus on the Spanish Market 

Jo Valentine – Motionhouse 


Top Tips!!

  • Compiling a comprehensive Dossier is the main way to communicate your work so get it translated into the appropriate languages.
  • European promoters place high emphasis on artistic concept, especially in France, so be sure to include this in your proposal
  • Although cities will book artists, the way to get known is by performing in a fair or festival
  • A fair is a professional meeting point and a festival is a big theatre celebration, it is important to be aware of the difference when pitching your work
  • It helps to attend fairs in Spain as many promoters won’t travel internationally
  • Non-textual performances have an advantage because most audiences will only speak their own language
  • Taxation laws are constantly changing, so it is important to be aware of the most current rules before signing contracts.


Speakers Biographies

Yohann Floch – HorsLesMurs / Circostrada Network (France)

Yohann Floch is Head of International Relations at HorsLesMurs (French National Information Centre for Outdoor Creation and Circus) and has coordinated several European studies, including Street Artists in Europe for the European Parliament.
Yohann is also the coordinator for Circostrada Network, a European platform for information, research and professional exchange within the circus and street arts (based in France). He co-chairs the working group ‘Creativity & Creation’ of the platform of structured dialogue with the European Commission Access to Culture.

Mike Ribalta – FiraTàrrega (Catalonia, Spain)

Mike Ribalta is Head of the Department of Professionals and International Relations at FiraTàrrega, Spain’s largest showcase of outdoor arts. FiraTàrrega is held annually on the second weekend in September and attracts hundreds of programmers from around the globe. Before working on production of festivals Mike worked as documentary scriptwriter for television and media producer.

Jo Valentine – Motionhouse (United-Kingdom)

Jo Valentine is Programme Manager at Motionhouse. Motionhouse was founded by Kevin Finnan and Louise Richards in 1988 and has since become one of the leading dance theatre companies in the UK making work locally and touring globally. Jo is the point of contact for booking productions and acquiring technical information.


Previous Seminars:

How to sell your work in Europe

Organised by XTRAX in partnership with PANeK and the Royal Exchange Theatre (Manchester)
Manchester – April 25th 2012  |  Faversham – April 26th 2012

The seminars were designed to support and encourage UK street artists to break in to the European market. Led by two experts in the sector, Mike Ribalta (Head of International Relations at FiraTàrrega – Catalonia, Spain) and Yohann Floch (Head of International Relations at HorsLesMurs – France), these sessions provided valuable insights into the European outdoor market and the context of festivals in Europe. These sessions also provided advice on how to get noticed, how to build a relationship with promoters and what are the best networking events to attend in Europe.

Download PDF presentations here:

Yohann Floch – Focus on the French Market 

Mike Ribalta – Focus on the Spanish Market


Quotes from those who attended:

   Understanding the complexities of the market place in different parts of Europe was really helpful

The seminars provided details on what promoters expect to receive in proposals and where promoters go to find shows, that the most useful part for me

It was highly useful…it was fantastic to meet fellow artists

I learnt how to write a French Dossier!!!