As the World Tipped by Wired Aerial Theatre at the Hi Seoul Festival, South Korea (C) Sun Dog, 2015
X-site, a Spotlight on UK Street Arts, tête-à-tête, Rastatt, Germany, 2016
XTRAX at the Performing Arts Market in Seoul (PAMS); South Korea, 2015
Straw Dog by Wired Aerial Theatre at Le Festival Aurillac 2015 (C) XTRAX
XTRAX / GDIF International Marketplace at GDIF 2015 (C) XTRAX
XTRAX at Llotja, FiraTàrrega, Catalonia, 2015
A Spotlight on UK Street Arts at Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg, Germany, 2016
XTRAX Shorts at the XTRAX / Out There Festival International Showcase 2016 (C) Anna Bechtloff


Les Accroche-cœurs, Angers, France, 2017

8-10 September


In 2017, Accroche-coeurs Festival is holding the ‘So British!’ focus


More information about the professional meetings at Les Accroche-Coeurs

XTRAX has been working with the festival for over five months, supporting in the shaping of a programme which is to feature four UK companies.

Furthermore, the large-scale aerial show As The World Tipped will be featured as one of the headline performances at Accroche-coeurs Festival, acting as a flagship for UK work, and reaching large audiences.

The artistic programme will be accompanied by a professional activity featuring UK artists, with the aim to create networking opportunities and maximise the impact of this UK focus, in the context of one of France’s most influential festivals.

Sunday the 10th of September – 10: 30-12: 30 – Focus on UK street arts
Accroche-Coeurs and XTRAX will be co-hosting a professional meeting focus on Franco-British exchange in the context of fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

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