For each showcase, XTRAX produces many resources for showcase delegates.

These resources contain the contact details of each company presenting work during the event. We hope you’ll view these as a valuable tool.


Showcase Artists books

 OT Artist bookmintfest 2010Artist book 2016 coverArtist bookGDIF2014 Artist Booklet2013 bookmf 2012 ARTIST BOOKfuse artist book2012 bookmintfest 20112011 covermintfest 2010


Spotlight and international focus sessions


FlandersCatalan ArtsGDIF2014 - Flander bookletGDIF2014 - Catalan booklet


Platform 4:UK Artists books






International Marketplace

MP 2016 coverInternationa Marketplace cover


Pitching and artists presentations


CaptureGY Shorts bookShorts 2016 coverShortsBooklet cover low res - Shorts Mintfest - V1AL - 21.08GDIF2014 - XTRAX Shorts bookletXTRAX mintfest 2013 shortsXTRAX shorts images gdif 2013XTRAX Shorts MF 2012xtrax shorts 2012


Festival Programmes 


Front cover - GDIF programmeGDIF2014 - Festival brochure