On the Waterfront Dance Festival 2010


In 2010, XTRAX was commissioned to programme the dance festival ‘On the Waterfront’ in Liverpool.


The event, produced by Walk the Plank, was a great success attracting an audience of 35,000 and feature the very best in outdoor dance; including the large-scale aerial dance spectacular Voala, internationally renowned Senza Tempo, Fractoria Mascaro, Ziya Azazi and leading UK artists, Motionhouse, Prodigal Theatre and a further 18 companies who were booked by XTRAX.


John Wassell

/ Producer and Co-Founder, Walk the Plank

XTRAX’s input and consultation into the programming of Liverpool’s On the Waterfront dance weekend was paramount to the event’s success. Their insight and knowledge of the national and international dance scene allowed us to present an event that appealed to a wide demographic  with varying or no previous experience of dance events.