2012 Commissions

Without Walls commissions for 2012 were:


C-12 Dance Theatre / Shaun Parker & CompanyTROLLEYS

Award winning Australian choreographer Shaun Parker in collaboration with London’s C-12 Dance Theatre, present TROLLEYS. Part dance. Part ballet. Part outdoor spectacle. TROLLEYS is a new ballet for five supermarket trolleys. TROLLEYS spin, glide and slide in this highly physical, humorous outdoor performance where high-octane contemporary dance, acrobatics and street dance merge with the extraordinary world of trolleys.

Company Chameleon – Push

Push is an exploration on the quality of touch and its physical and emotional resonance. Athletic yet sensitive, the work continues a conversation that began in childhood between artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner. This powerful and engaging duet looks at the different stances we take as we relate to one another, and how the complex nature of our psychology means at times we push to exert our dominance and control, and at others submit and yield.



Helen Chadwick Song Theatre - White Suit

White Suit combines close harmony singing with larger than life physical performance to tell the story of a landmine survivor. Its surreal theatrical storytelling is a ferocious satire on the brutality and hypocrisy of the arms trade, featuring singing armaments and dancing arms dealers in a highly stylized song-theatre performance.





Upswing - Red Shoes

Red Shoes draws from the rich imagery provided by fairytales both grim and glorious. The set creates a forest of poles. Once the dancers enter, it will become a place beyond the ‘normal’, where strange things might occur, and strange people might live, the home of magic, imagination and ultimately transformation. The work explores themes of loss, journey, transformation and uses dance, Chinese pole and other circus techniques to create a new playful outdoor dance work.


Without Walls will also be supporting the following touring projects:


Mimbre – Falling Up

Falling Up explores the body as a symbol for who we are. It confronts the stereotypes we all impose on each other based on the way we look – fit or fat, man or woman – and confounds them. Using what might be assumed to be a limitation as a strength; the very thing that stops us falling down and instead propels us upwards into something beautiful.

Requardt & Rosenberg – Motor Show

Directed by Frauke Requardt and David Rosenberg

Motor Show is a large-scale outdoor dance performance; a wild and fragile spectacle in an acre of forgotten land with the city skyline as a backdrop. The audience wears headphones whoch transport them aurally to the intimate interiors of the cars that they can see approaching from the distance.


Tilted Productions – SEASAW

A trail of contemporary dance, performance art and physical theatre vignettes, SEASAW is inspired by the relationship between humans and water.

Whether evoking childhood memories of waterside holidays or provoking thoughts on current environmental issues such as water pollution and global warming, SEASAW endeavours to both entertain and challenge.