Elena Cavallero

Elena Cavallero, Digital Development and Project Coordinator
+44(0)161 227 8383
(En / It)

Elena started working with XTRAX in 2016 and has since then been responsible for the delivery of our UK Showcases, for marketing delivery and for supporting the Without Walls artists. She is now also responsible for exploring opportunities for digital innovation in all XTRAX’s projects and activities, as well as for supporting Without Walls artists and for the delivery of our UK Showcases.

Elena’s love of the arts, festivals and all things related to communicating and organising events has been in motion for many years. With an academic background in Arts Management, she has worked with a number of cultural organisations and art galleries in Italy, just before moving to Manchester to complete her MA in Cultural Policy at the University of Manchester and then work in the Community Engagement Department.

Elena is also Sofar Sounds Manchester City Leader, organising gigs all over the city, managing a large team of volunteers and building relationships with many organisations in the city.
Since January 2019, Elena is also a board member of Manchester Jazz Festival.