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We’re based in the UK and work across Europe, Asia and further afield. We work with companies, artists festivals, event specialist, cultural institutes and more to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable outdoor arts sector in the UK.

We have a national and international standing for being the go-to organisation for expert advice in all areas of outdoor arts. We have an extensive area of know-how including programming, artist negotiation and booking, marketing, production management, audience development, commissioning, fundraising, events management, culture and diversity policy and much more.

Current vacancy: Office Administrator

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Professional services:

We offer consultancy work and an event programming services for those looking to breaking into outdoor arts. Our multi-talent, multi-lingual team members are available as speakers at seminars and talks

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a big impact on the performing arts sector with all indoor theatre performances and many outdoor festivals being cancelled or delayed.

XTRAX can help you during this difficult time; if any venues want to talk to us about presenting performances in public spaces or outdoors.

We are an open and approachable organisation with a diverse range of experience and knowledge at our fingertips. For more information about how to partner with us, please contact Maggie Clarke at