Art Cannon

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Going AWOL from the front line of the Boer war, the cowardly but eccentric Colonel Mosschops and Admiral Sidewicket steal a full sized cannon from the armory on their way out.

Never able to return home, they have travelled across time and continents, dragging their beloved cannon with them, the centerpiece of a very unusual sideshow, now their only means of making a living.

Squabbling and fighting, they now embroil members of the public in this, the most surreal of shows, all competing for the chance to fire the infamous art cannon…….let flames and arts be fired!

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2012
  • Length: 2 minutes
  • Scale: Medium scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language:
  • Audience type: All audiences, all ages

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