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Automatics is a touring installation of automatons built by recycling old toys. Ensconced in ancient TV screens and obsolete computer monitors, miniature scenes or dioramas erupt into movement at the push of a red button. Automatics recalls the touring fairs of yesteryear, when the strongman and the bearded lady shared a stage with fortune-telling machines, mechanical games and shooting galleries. Originally conceived for indoors – specifically to be shown in theatre lobbies while the audience is waiting to enter a show – the installation has evolved. It can now be set up outside too, thanks to an eight-metre geodesic dome which houses 12 automaton scenes, creating the perfect viewing atmosphere.

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2017
  • Performance area: An open space of around 100 m2 on flat ground or flooring.
  • Approx. get-in / get out: Set-up time: 7 hours. Strike time: 3 hours.
  • Number. of people on road: 2
  • Workshops available: No
  • Access facilities: Wheelchair access
  • Scale: Medium scale
  • Capacity: Over 2000
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language: Non-text based
  • Audience type: All audiences, all ages

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