La Mirada Interior (The Inner Look)

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“The Looks at the Dance”

Since 2002 Producciones Imperdibles has been developing a new way to get its creative work to the street. Dance performances with a subversive and provocative proposal regarding to the stage space, which includes both the dancer and the viewer.
The viewer has taken part in a different way in each of these shows: with his head in a hole, seated beneath a transparent stage, through the reflections proposed by the mirrors of a giant kaleidoscope, looking from the aisles of a rectangular scaffold … etc

Magical spaces creating a particular universe with dialogues between the dancer and the viewer, a unique moment of encounter through movement but also through surprise, humour, eroticism, complicity and closeness.
We are talking about a new kind of dance, conditioned by space, time and the audience. But also a new way of looking at dance, we speak of looking at a special moment of dance, unique and unrepeatable.
With these shows, Producciones Imperdibles has opened a successful co-production line with well-established national festivals. It has received many awards and since 2002 turns its shows steadily in Europe, opening new contacts to other continents and other cultures.


We now propose “La Mirada Interior” (“The Inner Look”). And what is it about? Where does the viewer look at?
The proposal is apparently quite simple: a circle.
The audience listens, sitting in the outline with headphones.
The dancers are at the center, interact with the viewers.
Why is it “inner”?
Because it’s only you who can hear what you are listening to.
On the outside everything moves in silence.
In the inside, you choose your sound space out of three different proposals. And thence you look at the dance. Or you live it.
Music connected to the heart. And you decide what you want to hear.
It is a work of experimentation and search for the choreographers and dancers. But also for the viewer. Movements and rhythms mix in your own ear. What nuances, intentions, accents are revealed with one or another music?
How to choose? What is left to chance? How do you feel about other music?.
Questions, decisions, choices, preferences. On its own ear, an active audience creates its own private show. Unrepeatable.
It looks interesting and it is fun too.


With this new idea we delve into the investigation launched at the beginning of this decade and that was based on the creation of new spaces for dance in urban areas always looking for a different view of the audience.
This time we give the audience the opportunity to choose which music they want for seeing each different choreography.

Four dancers will dance in a magical circle of about 8mt. diameter almost on top of the spectators, who sit around in just one row. Each viewer will have the opportunity, through a sophisticated sound system, to choose between three possibilities of music to see the show. The audience will each have closed-headphones to hear the music and isolating them from the sound atmosphere of the street.

Passers-by outside the circle will attend a dance in silence which will cause them some concern and willingness to participate.
The show will have 6 different choreographies lasting 5 to 6 minutes each.

These music and sounds will be very different and will create atmospheres and different and even opposite feelings. The choreographies will be adapted to the different sound proposals.

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2012
  • Length: 4 minutes
  • Scale: Small scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language: Non-text based
  • Audience type: All audiences, all ages

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