Look Mum, No Hands!

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Look Mum, No Hands! is a Daryl & Co and Mimbre co-production.

Look Mum, No Hands! is a tender tale of friendship and growing up. It explores a coming-of-age story about two friends testing their own boundaries. Together they explore freedom, taking risks and independence. They see how those things change, depending on who you are.

Risk is a sliding scale. What seems risky to you might feel comfortable to someone else. Yet every day we take small risks that help us to grow, until – one day – the things we once thought were risky now feel like the norm. Look Mum, No Hands! playfully explores ideas of vulnerability, strength and independence, with striking physical imagery that will linger in people’s minds.

The production takes creative advantage of the fact that one character uses a wheelchair to make acrobatic shapes and choreographies that are original and unexpected. We see the two friends play, gently pushing the boundaries of what is possible, until together they find the perfect balance of each of their limits.

The audience said…
“it made me cry – very moving […] At first, they try to do everything the same, but learn to celebrate their differences.”
“Outstanding, creative, amazing””

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2022
  • Length: 30mins show, with 5 mins of soft start and end on either side - with this included 40mins
  • Performance area: The performance requires flat, hard standing ground/floor of 6.5m x 4m with wheelchair access
  • Approx. get-in / get out: 2 and a half hours
  • Number. of people on road: 5
  • Workshops available: Yes
  • Access facilities: Audio Description
  • Scale: Small scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language:
  • Audience type: