Peaux Bleues

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A performance in motion for 12 interpreters, actors, musicians, dancers and singers.

A musical manifesto against common beliefs and stereotypes of all kinds.
The crime of being black.
How to make visible what does not seem to be…?
By stepping through the looking glass in a quiet manner?
No! This only happens in fairy tales
We are going to put one’s foot in one’s mouth spectacularly.
The Java afrobeats, the Marseillaise bollywoods, the Traviata sings in Swahili.
All this to say that we are all made of bits from near and far.
We show colour, we cultivate melanin, curl and fuzzy hair.
We wear our chin up, Shine up!
It is here where the future takes his roots from.
The world is moving, it is undeniably marching against all oppositions and bad omens, towards the melting pot.
Paying attention to the other’s culture of the other does not mean the extinction of one’s own, it is enlightening and allows a better understanding of the world.

With “Peaux bleues”, we add another colour, another tribe to humanity…
A continent, I should say.

Jean-Raymond Jacob
Artistic director compagnie Oposito

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2020
  • Scale: Medium scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Language: Non-text based
  • Audience type: All audiences, all ages