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Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and unpredictable moments. Project_Vee is a nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century.

Steel, concrete and motors meet in an unlikely way; Project_Vee takes juggling in a different dimension. Literally.

Project_Vee is a 25 minute juggling duet, based on a huge spinning machine.

Project_Vee is a collaboration between Pangottic & Circus Geeks, commissioned by Without Walls, Ageas Salisbury International Festival & Out There.

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2016
  • Length: 2 minutes
  • Scale: Small scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language: English
  • Audience type: All audiences, all ages

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