The Hare

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In Western folklore we refer to the “Man in the Moon”, so the “Hare in the Moon” is a more familiar symbol in other societies. Seen as the messenger of a female moon deity or the guardian of all wild animals, in African folk tales it appears as the trickster. The legend of the White Hare alternatively tells of a witch who takes the form of a white hare, looking for prey at night or of the spirit of a broken-hearted maiden who cannot rest, haunting her unfaithful lover.
Our hare is a delicate and shy shape shifter chased and observed by her silent farmer familiar. Both striking and timid, she’s a truly inquisitive spirit. This beautiful lantern puppet is expertly operated and has an enigmatic quality. It’s quietly and compulsively watchable.
This work is made in collaboration with Liverpool based maker and performer Tony Cairns.

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2012
  • Length: 2 minutes
  • Scale: Small scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language: Non-text based
  • Audience type: All audiences, all ages

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