‘The Princess of The Rain Forest’

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The Princess of the Rainforest is colourful, a bright array of animals and creatures brought to life as puppets tell the story of the rainforest; what it also does is utilise the idea of recycling, that everything that the child sees is made from something else, lessons that can be learned early and be seen as fun, boundless pleasure that be carried on at home.
A wonderful performance by Cusan Theatre, a lot of thought and passion that comes forth as the story unfolds and one that delights the child in the theatre and the child within the adult to come.

Ian D. Hall 2018

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Show Details

  • Date Created: 2009
  • Length: 40 minutes
  • Performance area: 4.5m wide x 4.5m deep x 2.7m high
  • Approx. get-in / get out: 1 hour get-in/half hour get out
  • Number. of people on road: 2
  • Workshops available: Yes
  • Access facilities: Multisensory Workshops
  • Scale: Small scale
  • Capacity: Under 500
  • Availability: Has touring availability
  • Language: Non-text based
  • Audience type: Designed for young audiences and children

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'The Princess of the Rain Forest' by Cusan Theatre