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16rpm are a street theatre company with an eye for the absurd.
A brand new company that comes with years of experience.
The Carpeters is their new show – disruptive, interventionist, hilarious.
The Carpeters is a performance that takes the imagery of success and celebrity to town.
A trio of performers with rolled red carpets make their way through the streets, rolling and unrolling the carpets, end to end making a journey, going nowhere having come from nowhere.
A world is created where the public are witness to a struggle that is poetic, humorous and absurd.
Pursuing an invisible path through crowds, over furniture and into buildings they are single-minded in their purpose. They encounter obstacles, pinch points, opportunities to find imaginative solutions to their problems.
Along the way the audience become complicit in their activities. Helping out, becoming a celebrity, aiding in the travel of the carpet. It is a slow, deliberate act of work that becomes an absurd piece of street theatre
It is a performance of simplicity and playfulness.

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