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1 WATT is a burlesque, absurd, surrealist company that is sometimes all of these at once, or none of these at all.

For over 10 years 1Watt has accumulated knowledge, experience, materials and methods to play with audiences in public spaces, using daily life and urban spaces as a starting point for their projects.
It started with Pierre Pilatte’s street solo « Perfect Working Order » an improvised performance around the character Mr Watt. Over the years he has adapted it to a multitude of circumstances, events, places and cultures.
In 2010 we created “Nice Work”, a collective multidisciplinary street project. Our objective is to realize a series of poetic urban planning proposals, suggesting different uses and points of view for a large street or square. Nice Work is a long, chaotic and playful assault on the way we perceive and use public space. The operating team is made up of 2 actors, a dancer, a visual artist and a sound artist. Meanwhile, Pierre Pilatte incarnates his feminine part in « Be Claude ». Street clowning is used as a means of questioning our perceptions of gender.
1Watt has also produced three indoor shows, a vital part of their repertoire which tour in parallel with their outdoor performances.

– Like a Sunday, indoor show created 2001.
– Perfect Working Order, street show created 2003.
– In My Philosophy, indoor show created 2004.
– The Wall, street show 2008
– Nice Work, street project 2011
– Be Claude, street project 2013
– Free Watt, outdoor site-specific projects
– Oyster, indoor project 2014
– Vague, outdoor project 2017

1 WATT is Sophie Borthwick and Pierre Pilatte, and also Françoise Sourd, Isabelle Antoine, Jean Cagnard, Léon Touret, Greg Barbedor, François Tomsu, Crek Juan, Diego Polognioli, Luc deGroeve, Alexandre Thery, Régis Roiron, David Boutry, Nadir Bouassaria, Erwan Quintin, Yann Martinez…

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