Actic – Urban Safari

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Approaching the animal called ‘human’ in its’ own habitat
Join us on Urban Safari! Together with two wildrangers, you’ll explore the flora and fauna of the urban wildlife park and you’ll meet a wide range of animals with their own unique traits and habits. Through the binoculars Urban Safari hands out, you’ll see your environment with whole new eyes. Observe the species known as mankind in it’s natural habitat. A unique opportunity to encounter and study the urban wildlife. The city will be Urban Safari’s playground. Two wildrangers will guide the group through the city, using their ‘all terrain scootmobile’. The group will come very close to actual humans and with a bit of luck and following safety procedures, they will be allowed to approach and even touch the animals. At the the end of the tour the group will experience first hand, how an animal is caught and tagged for further studies.

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