ADHOK Immortals – The Nest + Flying Birds

Category: Artist

The NEST :
What happens when the chick leaves the nest ? Theatre-dance show for all audiences showing the passage from childhood to the first stage of adulthood, outside the protective family nest.
Young people between 25 and 30, who wonder about the future in a complex world with uncertain prospects. The nest is the ideal play space to stage concerns.
A poetic space that is conducive to metaphors. Immense small human tragedies seen with humour, poetry and hope.
Duration : 60mn

Our youngsters have already abandoned the nest and venture into life and the city. They have stretched out their wings and want to go far.
They have an urge deep inside and want to find a place in the world.The wind is blowing hard and they have to decide which way to go.
Should they wait for the storm to subside or should they risk taking off ?

Itinerant dance and theatre show for all audiences that depicts the first steps of young people in the vast world out there.

Duration : 40mn

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