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We make work that can be performed in any space, on any surface as well as in theatres. Push, our latest piece is an aerial dance piece performed by 2 dancers, on a beautiful bamboo structure.

Push – All Play (Vanessa Cook and Nikki O’Hara) releases PUSH, taking on the rules of the game to look at the game of life. There are things that hold us up, make us miss a go then advance three steps, press pause and watch life fly past. This is how we live our lives. Get on the floor, spin the wheel, roll the dice and please do pass go. PUSH combines physical dance vocabulary and dramatic aerial work creating a tangle of emotion, insight and passion. Two dancers hang in the air, suspended in a web, working to push through the limitations they face. PUSH is performed on a beautifully designed, light and portable bamboo set which is easily assembled and dismantled. (25mins)

It’s Rude to Point – An exploration of the function and dysfunction of friendship, personal space and communication, the performers tumble, wrestle, fly and laugh through the 20 minutes that is the current performance piece, otherwise known as ‘It’s Rude to Point’. Capable of anticipating each other’s responses, the performers test each other’s limits, appealing to the audience as a mediator for their game-play. As confidences are broken the relationship starts to fragment. Physical and verbal banter become simultaneously ridiculous, entertaining and uncomfortably compromising. The development of this piece has been funded by Arts Council England. (20mins)

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