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LA CALLE ES NUESTRA (the street is ours):
8 musicians and a clown: pure rock n roll energy in the street with gags and a lot of participation of the public, dont stop laughing and dancing! This Show, that could be considered as the true symbol of the ADP, has travelled practically all over Europe. A repertoire of originals and crazy covers, with the hallmark of the Always Drinking Marching Band, high quality music and surreal gags is what makes of this show a unique experience.

A universal theater performance with music, gesture theater and humor.
A Brass Band, a fanfare of five Balkan gypsy musicians, is rocking the world with their versions and style. This “existential” journey also takes them through other musical forms as a result of natural evolution, not premeditated.
SATISFACSHOW is a theatrical play of gesture and humor and a concert that presents different styles and musical formations:
A show for ALL audiences: age, nationality and culture.
Universal as gesture and music.

A dodgy orchestra begins with the concert, but suddenly …
the singer does not show up!
what’s up? what happened to him? The situation requires an inmediate solution, the show needs to go on, the uncertainty appropriates the moment.
But attention to the revolution that is about to happen: surprises, juggling, dancing, participation of the
public, humor and lots of music. The Show goes on! …
A new star has been born.
Be Different, a unique and unrepeatable proposal where we realize that difference one of the greatest human virtues is.
Be yourself, be different.

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