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Praying Mantas:
These insectiod mutes, with glowing eyes and fluorescent bodies, they love nothing more than a good beat and a boogie as they ineract with audiences.

The Jacks of Frost:
These shivering siblings interact and melt with audiences during all seasons. Always up to mischief they love to pose for your photographs.

Prince Mint and the Glam Chops:
They’re glam they’re loud and their mothers are proud. Yes it’s the vertically endowed rock sensation sweeping the nation.
Strolling musical trio.

The Baad Mutha Funkas:
Get retro with Tag, Randy and Kid Velcro and cringe as the groovy trio deliver their cheesy one liners and chat up lines.

These mute, graceful winged spirits will visually enhance any event creating awe and splendour with an aura of united tranquility.

These fiery freres will raise the temperature of your event, to boiling point.

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