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Ashley Peevor has been creating his living costumes for the last 7 years and have been commissioned by numerous arts festivals and events in the UK and completed a recent commission and research project in America.

The part-sculpture part-performance involves growing carefully crafted living costumes made from grass, flower and other flora that transform the performer into walking multisensory living sculpture. The work and subsequent performance explores the connection we have with nature and the lingering green spaces in our urban environment. Through an embrace of the absurd and a hint of mysticism, the audience becomes a part of the spectacle of the Grass men and other living costumes.

Recently the grass men and other work has been developed to include a range of workshops that allow audiences of all ages build living and wearable art and help shape and grow the suits used for the performances.

Ashley is currently working on an ongoing commission which will see him develop living costumes/ grass men that will be able to be grown and assembled by groups without any previous growing experience. This will open the opportunities for people to craft and shape how they want their costume to look and be fully involved in the maintenance of suit and the performance it will create. For more information please see his website. This also will open the opportunity to take the work on tour outside of the UK

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