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Beleza, who formed in 2007, are 3 musicians who share a passion for Samba, Bossa Nova & Musica Popular do Brazil.

Singer, Alyss Rose, started with Jazz, Blues and Pop, and has been singing Brazilian songs in Portuguese for six years. Already gaining respect from Brazilians locally, she displays a range of feeling and vocal dexterity that deserves wider acclaim.

Guitarist Julian Harris has a Jazz background, and has studied with leading guitarists in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. He also co-organizes The Nomad Café; a monthly World Music event.

Percussionist Ian Holmes-Lewis is one of the original founders of the UK?s Samba scene. Ian has been writing and playing World Music for over 20 years and has performed extensively in Europe, America and Australasia.

Running Time: up to two hours
Persons on tour: three

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