Boom Booms

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Boom Booms are a street theatre company that have been supported by Arts Council England, Hope Street Limited, Tmesis Theatre and international street art company Fadunito.

We create work that is interactive, fun and anarchic. With play at the centre of what we do. Using clown, improvisation, music and dance to create high impact roving act.

We have two roving acts;


Showgirls are a mischievous trio of fabulous, voluptuous, curvaceous, vivacious SHOWGIRLS. Who are gorgeous, flirty and just a little anarchic. Interactive, fun and playful. Using clown, dance and improvisation. They interact with everything and anything they find always searching for the perfect opportunity to show you their FULL flabulousness! A titillating taster, an all ROUND treat!


Follow this swarm of super friendly bees as they are searching for a new home in a show exploring the public’s relationship with nature and ecology. Waggledance incorporates improvisation, clowning, dance and live music to create a walkabout act you’ll be BUZZING about.
Waggle Dance is a new act created collaboratively by Eggmen and Boom Booms, supported by Tmesis and Conflux and directed by Ferran Orobigt of Fadunito with musical direction from Claire Jones.

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