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The Digital Funfair combines technology, dance music, film and stuff found lying about in the street to create an audience led experience which people will remember for a long time. File under: Comedy, Technology, Participation, Wicked!

It is a collection of interactive games and curiosities, a home made alternative arcade, designed to inspire and involve. To promote collaborative play, general well being and kick start a movement to end world misery.

Over the past ten years we have taken the show to Music Festivals, Urban Events, Shopping centres, Street Theatre Gatherings, Pubs, Nightclubs, Youth Centres and Corporate Events.

We have inspired, bemused and confused people whilst they have had a similar effect on us.

Current attractions include:

The Beat Jigsaw – Semi-automatic Djing Table
Light Hearted – Giant Led Heart which lights up when two people hold hands
Led Wall – Large Scale Interactive Pixel Display
The Virtual Coconut Shy – throw things at politicians and celebrities
Pacbike – Classic Arcade Games on a Bicycle
Smackbottoms – The worlds only mannequin based Guitar Hero game

The DIgital Funfair genuine appeals to people across all barriers of age, gender, ability, culture and coolness. Even teenagers seem to like it!

The Digital Funfair is unique and very individual, yet it has broad appeal. We were delighted that it was not just children who came out of the tent smiling, but also their parents and grandparents!, Liz Pugh, Walk the Plank.

For more information, visit our website at and get in touch!

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