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Ignite! is a half hour circus show featuring four multi-skilled performers presenting eight different circus disciplines during six tightly choreographed acts. The routines include acrobalance, acrobatics, corde lisse, fire-poi, fire staffs, fire torch swinging, tissu and trapeze.

A backdrop of stunning pyrotechnics dramatically increases the scale and impact of the performance, while artful lighting and a contemporary soundtrack build the atmosphere and provide continuity throughout the show. The aerial routines and the acrobalance are stage lit to produce an elegant and graceful counter point to the dramatic impact of the fire performers and pyrotechnics.

All the elements are choreographed to a contemporary sound track, which is mainly provided by Electrelane, a Brighton based band and friends of the project. They were chosen for their ability to create strong atmospheres through their music. It continuously peaks and troughs throughout the show alongside the movements and emotion of the pieces guiding the spectator on a mesmerising journey.

For technical requirments etc please refer to the website where this information can be down loaded.

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