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Bureau Of Silly ideas, the savant of street theatre, are sheer joy to work with and a fantastic element of any event.?

The Bureau of Silly ideas is an eclectic collective of creative practitioners. Founded in 2002, BOSi’s key aim and reputation is producing ground breaking happenings through cross platform productions that explore and combine circus, spectacle, gallery street theatre and social networking media.

We take Circus and Theatre as traditional art forms and source of entertainment to a new urban level.

Available now:

THE Menagerie (Walkabout)

An ever increasing menagerie of radio controlled two way talking everyday and seasonal objects including wheelie bins, road cones, plant pots, Christmas trees, a port-a-loo and a skeleton.

THE HOLE JOB (Ground based show)

Is an explosive hole digging, acrobatic adventure proving that blood is thicker than tarmac.

Road works have never before been a source of entertainment until now as our circus brothers arrive to work on your street!

Teeter board, acrobatics, clown juggling along with standing around listening to the radio and waiting for the kettle to boil are the ingredients of The hole Job

THE HIGH JOB (Aerial based show)

This show is spectacular, beautiful and funny as the ?Charlie?s Angels? of municipal work are called in to change a light bulb. It uses triples trapeze, web rope, acrobatics, clowning, plant machinery and ends in a fireworks display to answer the age old question of how many circus performers it takes to change a light bulb.

The HIGH Job comes in 3 convenient scales, from a 15 minutes aerial extract to a 45 min full show with storyline.

Two riders compete in an endurance cycle challenge to be first to empty their pedal-powered water tank. The winner gets the glory and the loser gets squirted with water!

Our pie throwing history time line clearly has a glaring omission and does not reference the tremendous contribution to pie throwing made by women. Mable Normand (1892-1930) is credited as being the first person to use a custard pie as a ballistic weapon on film. Her unfortunate victim was Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle. The film was A Noise from the Deep released in July 1913. Come and celebrate with us the one hundredth centenary of this epic event by recreating the film live at the this summer in various locations in the UK and ensuring Mable’s rightful place in pie making history is restored.

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