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Cardboardia is an independent community of artists, performers, event managers and experts with various backgrounds from Russia, Latvia, USA, UK, the Netherlands, other countries. We design, create and experiment with both the most unbelievable and the very practical ideas in relation to the organization of public spaces and events.

Cardboardia is a country without a territory but with a functioning political and economic system. The members of the community or “Personages of Cardboardia”, are the majority of the country’s population – now reaching several tens of thousands of people.

The political system of Cardboardia is Tyranny!. Administration of Cardboardia is represented by the Tyran and his wife Prime Victoria. It is they who provoke and coordinate the activities of the numerous ministries, divisions and departments which are headed by Personages of Cardboardia.

Cardboardia country comes into being during the materialization of Cardboardia. At the invitation of other states and nations, personages of Cardboardia build large scale Cardboard towns. Each Cardboard town has a local currency, the ‘Bad Taste’, as well as a powerful and senseless bureaucracy. Each Cardboard town is open for tourists and for potential new residents. Anyone willing to can officially join the population of Cardboardia through the receipt of a Cardboardia Personages (Citizenship) Permit. Anyone can become an owner of immobile and mobile cardboard property or implement their own project within the area of the town’s creative economy.

National holidays and celebrations are extremely popular among residents and tourists to Cardboardia. Either by their own initiative or by invitation from other countries and organizations personages of Cardboardia arrange large scale parades, cardboard tube fights and unique themed parties. For the preparation of Parades and parties as well as for promotion of fun, the Tyran usually opens the borders to all those who are willing to take part.

The Cardboardia Administration is ready to discuss opportunities and options to arrange events in your Region.

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