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‘CCOT'(is a ‘flower’ in Korean) is the Korean troupe of performers, painters and musicians. ‘CCOT’ has worked on alternative spaces and outdoor, exploring the depths of life through integrating the mediums of poetry, painting, installation art, and video art.
‘CCOT’ was established in Jerusalem in 2000 by Cheolsung Lee and Jinyoung Kim, both who then was studying at ‘The School of Visual Theater’ in Jerusalem, Israel. It has presented its visual performances internationally in Europe, South America and Asia(especially ‘Chalon dan la Rue’ in France, ‘Fira Tarrega’ in Spain, etc.).

Its major works include :
‘The Wall’ Painting Performance
‘The Self-portrait’ Painting Performance
‘Paper Human’ Installation Performance
‘The Clothes of Wolf’ Poetry Performance
‘From the Shadow’ the shadow theater of sculpture-puppet
And ‘Paper Window’, ‘Giant’s Table’ Live Animation with Interactive Performance

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