Cie des Quatre Saisons

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Big Mama is a totem of the eart, mother from all people of the world. She is represented by a giant puppet that comes to visit kids and everybody. She’s wandering over the street, and when she stops , full of suprises comes out of her belly…

The company “The Four Seasons” is a Belgian company of street theatre created in 1995. We are a little family troupe, only four persons work for the company. Some of us have been formed either in theatre’s school and circus’s school; some of the others are self-taught. The artistic director, Frederiqe Prohaczka, was studying “scenographie” in an artistic Academy in Belgium. our speciality is the show dance on stilts and puppets.

We make everything ourselves: cheoreography, costumes, make-up, accessories, and … administration. So we are like a lot of other street theatre companies: little but strong. We perform almost in Europe (Belgium, France, England, Germany, Holland) and sometimes across the Atlantic (Louisiana, Quebec, Colombia)

Number of people on tour: 4
Number of performers: 4
Availabiltiy for touring: All the year

Titles of other shows available

“Les Quatre Saisons”: Dance on stilts
Imposing figures in colourful costumes who stride along majesically on stilts. First of all they arre a pleasure to look at. Then the figures begin to play amongst themselves: choreographied (dance)movements – both poetic and acrobatic.

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