Cie les Decatalogues

Category: Artist

The D├ęcatalogues was born in 1995. Differents shows and interventions are translated into Italian, into Russian and into English. With the manipulation as central theme, the shows of the company integrate from their origin the magic as the basic technique of most of the creations whether it is by using the magic effect as accessory of game or the dramaturgic construction appropriate to the art magic as engine of writing. Gladly committed, their shows draw regularly from the popular esthetics to carry better a critical and often corrosive societal point of view.

TV(i)Monde : Walking television
One, two or three giants in overalls, carrying televisions as best they can, roam the streets and finally deliver to…the public. We can mock ,venge ourselves or thank them… at least watch objectively. Unless, for once, they’re watching us?
Mr Blok : Walkabout without words
Black Gabardine, grimacing face, a huge figure wanders randomly carrying in his powerful arms what seems to remain of an old apartment. The big mans look has something from another age, but behind the window held tight in his hands lies a burning mystery ………

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