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Compagnie Pernette is a French contemporary dance company created by dancer and choreographer Nathalie Pernette in 2001, and based in La Friche Artistique in Besançon, Franche-Comté.
Nathalie Pernette trained as a classical dancer from an early age and as a modern dancer with Françoise et Dominique Dupuy: this duality of influences is still visible in her creations today. She worked for 12 years with fellow choreographer Andréas Schmid before creating her own company.

Showing a taste for experimentation and encounters, Nathalie Pernette and her team explore the potential and possibilities of various working spaces (indoor, outdoor and special locations). They also mix dance with other artistic disciplines such as visual arts and live music to create their unique and special touch.
Apart from producing and touring their works, the company develops actions to introduce people to contemporary dance.
The company performs in a variety of spaces in France and beyond, from dance sets (Théâtre de la Ville, Opéra Bastille, Théâtre de Chaillot and other theatre and dance venues…) to festivals (ZAT Montpellier, Viva cité, Scènes de rue, Chalon dans la rue, Coup de chauffe à Cognac…) and other rural or urban areas, indoor and outdoor.

This wide diffusion of their works aim at giving the chance to a wide diversity of people to get to know and like dance, by wiping out pre-made ideas and reluctances.
Since its creations, the company has produced more than 20 outstanding dance pieces for indoors and outdoors.

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