Circo Imperfecto

Category: Artist

Two street artists have found a spot that they think is perfect to perform their show. A mountain of cases is all they have, well, that and a few bits of metal. They begin to organize the space; and open a trunk from out of which springs something resembling a woman: this is Lily, their assistant, and aspiring artist, who is constantly trying to incorporate herself in to the team, with firm intentions, but little success.

Finally Lily triumphs after a thousand and one adventures: imitating the art of her companions; helping them until she drops; struggling; trying to seduce them with a thousand changes of costume; and risking her life to combat dangerous threats.

Meanwhile they try to continue with their show: funambulism, juggling, unicycling, acrobatics…. finally, the girl who they carried around in the trunk, who at first seemed a distraction, conquers them and becomes part of a trio… genuinely imperfect!

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