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Circus Bone Idle are an emerging circus and street theatre company from Northern Ireland. This year we will be touring our new production ‘Otherworlds’, for which we have received funding from the Arts Council. The show is based on themes from celtic mythology, but uses clown, circus and carnival costumes to create mainly visual imagery and physical comedy. Two live musicians, playing original music, will accompany the action based on and around a free standing aerial rig.
The show is mid scale and involves 6 performers, duration will roughly be 1hour. We require 9m square of fairly flat ground and access to a powerpoint.
The show is available for booking in 2007.

Circus Bone Idle is the first professionally constituted circus performance and street arts company based in Belfast, established in 2005 by four highly trained circus performers and artists.
A constant strive to investigate and improve their own pratice and push the boundaries of their art form led to the formation of Circus Bone Idle, whose aim it is to advance circus by incorporating other art forms like music, theatre, carnival arts and performance, whilst maintaining the highest possible level of skill and creating visually stimulating spectacles.
At the same time Circus Bone Idle are also dedicated to involve a varied audience and attract young and inexperienced people to see their shows, by being entertaining and accessible as well as artistically challenging.
Circus Bone Idle also produce double street acts, solo shows, cabaret acts, walkabouts, carnival floats.
In January 07 Circus Bone Idle will produce a new show 33.3 for the Out to Lunch Festival.

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