Circus Delirium

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Circus Delirium is a Spanish Based company. Created in February 2006 by Sasha Agranov and Estel Segui, in their fantastic and surrealistic shows combine different disciplines such as live music, dance, street theater and aerial acrobatics.

Sasha Agranov:
Musician, Cellist and performer, in his work mixes different musical styles based on his background as a classical and baroque cellist together with wide experience in playing experimental and improvised music.


?In the mad scientist?s laboratory the experiments are coming to life, drawing power from a mysterious and playful music. the music-box dancer, the scientist?s latest experiment which is about to make him world-famous, doesn?t work out exactly as he had planned.?

This allegory about the rebellion of machines against their creators is a classic theme presented in a fresh and innovative way in Bambola, the latest production of Circus Delirium.

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