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‘The Man Who Can Breathe Through His Eyes’
As a child you dance around in life. You watch all directions. You are open and perceptive. You have a wondrous moment every day. When you grow up your knowledge increases and those wondrous moments fade away which is and not logic actually…

I’ll show you things that you’ll never have seen before in your life; and I’ll show you things that you won’t believe are true. I can breathe through my eyes… air comes in; air goes out! I’ll show you airstreams coming out of my eyes. Nothing more; nothing less.

It’s a beautiful show, but that does not matter.
It’s a wondrous moment, and that is nice.
But you will remember the show, for the rest of your life, simply because it’s true.

The world is big and we are small: everyday is a great time for a wondrous moment.

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