Collette Knowles (Rough Magic Theatre)

Category: Artist

* Formed in 1999, Rough Magic Theatre’s work features a vibrant combination of Puppetry, Live action and Music.

* They are also known for the distinctive shadow puppet artistry of Collette Knowles (who both makes and performs with the puppets) including her extremely popular Shadow Puppet Suitcase Theatre shows.

* Collette is a graduate of the prestigious Bretton Hall College, where she first met her co-performer and future husband Tim Austin in 2001.

* Collette has created puppets/structures from withies, corrugated cardboard, papier mache, reclaimed/recycled/upcycled materials, fibreglass rods, plastezote etc. for indoor and outdoor shows, lantern, and community parades and festivals across the UK.

* She has performed/run workshops in a huge variety of settings and with a variety of ages/abilities including Youth Clubs, Schools, Theatres, Universities, Day Centres, Streets, Shopping Centres, Fields, Auction Marts etc.

* After the birth of Collette and Tim’s two children and the pandemic; Rough Magic Theatre are relaunching the business. As well as wanting to get more Street Theatre work with their existing shows, they want to make more new work and are interested in developing links with Light Festivals, Rural Touring Networks and in experimenting with using shadow puppetry with crankies and digital media/film.

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