Compañía de Circo eia – Espera

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After their studies at Carampa, circus school of Madrid and Doch, Stockholm University of dance and circus, Celso and Francesca focused on researching a personal approach to pair acrobatics, to transform technique into a tool of communication with the audience.

In 2008 they founded the Company Celso y Frana based in Sweden, and created the show ‘Here begins the story’, which gained them access to the international market.
Celso and Francesca, together with Fabrizio Giannini and Armando Rabanera are co-creators of Compañía de circo eia , a catalan company that has been touring Europe since 2011.
Together with Cristiano Della Monica and Sarah Sankey they created ‘Capas’, which has been performed at over 150 circus festivals and theatres across Europe.
The experience with ‘Capas’ has been extremely enriching and it has shown them how differences can be a great starting point for personal development.

In 2016 their artistic aspirations led them towards new projects:
Celso and Francesca created ‘Espera’ awarded with the Price of the Critics for the best Street show of 2017 Fabrizio and Armando created ‘Intarsi’ awarded with the Max Price for Best revelation Show of 2016. The wish to keep growing together made them remain in the same company even if with different shows. In 2018 they gathered again to create a new common project, ‘La Pranza’, an experience that blends circus with great live music and traditional Italian gastronomy.

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